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Research has shown that companies with a strong employment brand attract at least 3.5 times more applications per job posting than other companies in the same industry, affirmed Dr John Sullivan.

According to a new report by HRBoss, here are 10 things to note for an irresistible employer brand:

  1. Have a dedicated career page.
  2. Display all job openings.
  3. Provide instant help on job application processes.
  4. Make sure you have mobile optimised sites.
  5. Link your sites to social pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram).
  6. Include a share jobs button – this allows the job to be advertised by word of mouth.
  7. Post all jobs on social media.
  8. During application, allow candidates to import information from LinkedIn.
  9. Showcase work-life culture (especially since work-life balance and company culture is increasingly valued by younger employees).
  10. Include employee testimonials on your website.

So, how do employers in Singapore fare in these 10 things?

After conducting in-house studies of the top 30 Straits Times Index (STI) companies in Singapore, the HRBoss report found employers in Singapore are preparing for “Mobilegeddon”, seeing a 20% increase in the number of mobile-ready websites as compared to 2013.

Additionally there has been a 13% increase in the number of employers with dedicated career pages and almost all employers in the top 20 display their job openings.

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At the same time, Singapore’s employers are upping the ante on social media.

A steady growth of social media adoption was found, with LinkedIn as the most preferred social platform – 50% of the studied companies have an active LinkedIn page.

Another 16% firms linked their sites to social media pages, while 10% added a ‘share job’ button and posted jobs to social media.

There was also a 3% increase in the number of companies that allow candidates to import information from LinkedIn.

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The report also found that employers were actively promoting the company with more than 50% showcasing company culture, and 20% more using employee testimonials.

Bernie Schiemer, CEO & founder of HRBoss, noted: “Just 5 years ago, less than 10% of Fortune 200 companies had a dedicated role to manage employment brand, yet today every 1 out of 4 have invested headcount and budget into getting employer branding right.”

HRBoss infographic on employer branding

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