Asia Pacific – Known for bringing together the industry’s brightest thinkers, Human Resources is back with a high-flying list of speakers and topics for HR Tech Interactive 2015, Asia’s biggest regional conference on technological advancements in human resource management.

The roundtable discussions, a feature of Human Resources’ “Interactive” events, will provide delegates with the opportunity to share experiences on the latest tools and systems which allow HR operations to maximise capabilities and drive better results.

“HR Tech Interactive 2015 is focusing on the five most crucial areas in HR technology today,” said Aditi Sharma Kalra, regional editor of Human Resources magazine.

“It is the perfect platform for thought leaders and senior HR specialists from respected companies and government units to sit down and gauge where the industry is now in leveraging these technological advances.”

HR Tech Interactive 2015 will focus on the following topics:

Big data talent analytics – How is workforce analytics dramatically changing the human resource landscape? How can data analysis tools strengthen HR operations and decision making processes? What are the current setbacks in gathering and interpreting data and how can they be effectively addressed?

Mobility for HR professionals – With the acceleration of mobile HR applications, how far have these technologies proliferated in human resource operations? What are the strategies that can help HR professionals to skilfully facilitate and leverage on these tools?

Cloud-based people management – Cloud solutions are keeping up with the ever-evolving HR needs and vice versa. With a vast array of solutions in the market, what are the criteria in selecting the one suited for an organisation? What are the pressing issues and fundamental organisational requirements of the HR Cloud?

Social media and collaboration – The rise of social networking platforms has given HR management a more dynamic environment. In this discussion, practitioners share how they use social media to yield better employee engagement, internal collaboration, idea & knowledge exchange, and greater job satisfaction.

Next-generation recruiting tools – The recruitment scene has witnessed tremendous changes where new spaces for finding the best talent have emerged. This forum will explore and identify best practices, insights and techniques in using cutting edge recruitment and talent acquisition tools.

HR Tech Interactive is an annual, one-day event designed exclusively for HR leaders which will take place in Singapore on 1 October, in Hong Kong on 15 October and in Kuala Lumpur on 29 October.

In addition to the roundtable discussions, senior HR professionals joining the event will also learn from case study presentations, panel discussions and the unique networking opportunities only invitation-only events can provide.

Find out how you can join the discussion and request your invitation by visiting the event website or calling the following Human Resources magazine staff:

For Singapore:
Nikita Erpini, Regional Producer,, +65 6423 0329
For Hong Kong:
Darren Beck, Regional Producer,, +65 6423 0329
For Kuala Lumpur:
Evon Yew, Regional Producer,, +65 6423 0329

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