Looks like HR departments have much more work to do when it comes to corporate team building and fostering a supportive working environment.

US based research on workplace wellness revealed most employees would rather work alone because they are worried about having to deal with unfriendly working cultures.

The survey was initiated by Faas Foundation, a US based non-profit organisation concerned on creating psychologically safe workplaces, in collaboration with Mental Health America (MHA).

The survey received up to 2000 responses in the first three months it was launched – and revealed that most workplaces are a lot less happy than most would think.

An alarming 83% of respondents stated they think their management are not focusing on the right things, reporting that their company is overly focused on trivial activities.

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Teamwork was also an issue raised in the survey, with 80% reported they tend to work alone because of unhelpful or hostile work environments.

Despite the difficulties they face, 41% of people in unhealthy work environments report that they rarely or never miss work due to work related stress.

Andrew Faas, Founder of The Faas Foundation hopes the study will raise  awareness for employees, c-suite executives, board of directors and all those who are responsible for creating and sustaining healthy work environments, he said in a press release.

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