After years of bad press about its working conditions, Amazon has now announced a new parental leave policy.

An article by Jezebel reported that the firm will now be offering employees paid parental leave of up to 20 weeks for “birth mothers” and six weeks for all other new parents.

“Amazon now offers up to 20 paid weeks of leave, the ability to share up to 6 weeks of paid leave with a spouse or partner, and a flexible return to work programme,” stated an internal Amazon email was obtained by Jezebel.

“These benefits apply to all full-time hourly and salaried employees, including 100,000+ Fulfillment Center and Customer Service Associates.”

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The online retailer’s new leave policy includes enhanced leaves for new parents who have been at Amazon for a year or more and a leave share programme which allows sharing of parental leave with a spouse or partner who doesn’t have paid leave through their employer.

Additionally, the firm has also created a ramp back programme for birth mothers and primary care givers.

This programme allows these employees to ease back into work with up to 8 weeks of flexible time as well as more flexibility when taking their parental leave plans – “either in one continuous 6-week period or split into two periods within 12 months of birth or adoption”.

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