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Being able to execute a recruitment programme which not only unsheathes an accurate and insightful picture of a candidate’s potential, but is also an improvement upon existing hiring processes, services, user satisfaction and effectiveness is easier said than done.

But that is exactly what Maybank has done via its graduate recruitment programme titled Maybank GO Ahead Challenge (MGAC) for short.

The company won the gold award in the category of best recruitment innovation in Human Resources’ regional Asia Recruitment Awards.

An international business case competition, the MGAC was designed to unearth talents beyond academic excellence, and to provide students with an idea of a how a real business environment is.

The MGAC is unique for various reasons, including offering the highest cash prize in the market, having a diverse range of candidates, and being a fully online programme to cater to the new Gen Y.

The programme has resulted in effective results, with the company improving its retention rate by 35% since the introduction of the programme in 2012.

The company’s acceptance rate has also increased to 85%, while recruitment cost for entry-level graduates has significantly reduced by 40%.

Held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the silver award for this category was presented to ManpowerGroup Malaysia.

ManpowerGroup has already established itself as the top three global HR solutions provider in the market.

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