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Asia’s only regional media & event brand, Human Resources magazine, is pleased to announce leading HR consulting provider CareerBuilder, as an official sponsor for HR Tech Interactive 2015, the region’s biggest HR technology conference.

CareerBuilder’s head of sales for the region, N. Vijayan, will join a panel discussion on the topic of “HR analytics: centre of excellence”.

Now in its third year, HR Tech Interactive will focus on the areas of HR technology research into the HR community to represent the most pressing issues for HR professionals in Asia today.

“Recruitment processes have undergone a significant number of changes over the last few years – a job which took a week to fill previously is now taking a much longer time” said Jessica Ang, marketing director at CareerBuilder.

“This could potentially be attributed to a couple of reasons, the need for approval from more than one hiring manager, organisational or structural changes, unrealistic job scope, differing expectations, etc.”

“Additionally, a recent survey showed that 51.4% of employers in Singapore are also unsure of how technology and integrated solutions can aid their HR process and recruitment efforts to meet the hard demands.

“Hence, less than 1% of companies here use HR services as a solution technology in their recruitment mix.”

Ang added that for HR professionals who want to stay ahead of the curve and adopt a more holistic approach towards recruiting, it is still necessary to explore and invest in effective HR technology to improve their recruitment process.

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In addition to CareerBuilder, some of the other companies represented on the HR Tech Interactive agenda include Sanofi, Samsung Asia, Galaxy Entertainment, Merck, Kimberly-Clark, Credit Suisse, OshKosh, and many more.

All presenters & panellists, such as David Chin, chief human resources officer of Biosensors International, are director or vice president level HR professionals with regional responsibility.

To be held in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong in October, HR Tech Interactive is Asia’s only regional conference on HR technology strategy.

Attendance to the one-day annual event is strictly by invitation only with invitations reserved for the senior in-house HR professionals. Attendance is capped at 100 delegates.

While the theme of HR Tech Interactive 2015 is the role of technology in organisational change, the topics the conference will focus on are: big data talent analytics, mobility for HR professionals, cloud-based people management, social media and collaboration, and next-generation recruitment tools.

To get a global and pan-Asian regional view of HR technology strategy, do not miss HR Tech Interactive 2015.

Human Resources‘ interactive-style conference format is a unique blend of case study presentations, panel discussions and roundtable discussions in which delegates work through five topic areas in a single day – an experience described by attendees as eight hours of intense peer learning.

Senior HR professionals interested in participating in HR Tech Interactive can visit the event website or call the following Human Resources magazine staff:

For Singapore: Nikita Erpini, Regional Producer,, +65 6423 0329
For Hong Kong: Darren Beck, Regional Producer,, +65 6423 0329
For Kuala Lumpur: Evon Yew, Regional Producer,, +65 6423 0329

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