While many companies would love to develop a digital recruitment strategy, it can be difficult to utilise all of the rapidly growing digital platforms.

Nevertheless, this leader in the packaging industry has made its presence felt on most of today’s popular digital media platforms.

With the growing number of users on digital media platforms, Amcor knew that adopting a presence through these platforms is an effective way of engaging and reaching out to a larger pool of people.

Leigh Stewart, vice-president of human resources at Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific, explains: “At Amcor, we place a strong focus on talent.

“We recognise that the leaders of today and tomorrow are tech-savvy and are well connected on digital platforms and they want information in real time.”

Amcor decided to adopt digital platforms – those most commonly used today, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, which are desktop and mobile-friendly – in recruiting talent.

“Building a strong brand to establish a robust employee value proposition is one of the ways of attracting, retaining and motivating the talent we require,” Stewart said.

In view of this, the company launched a career programme known as the Amcor “accelerated career development programme” (ACDP) in May 2015.

“The ACDP is a three-year programme that provides a permanent opportunity for ambitious and commercially savvy talented people to take on roles in various business functions within Amcor,” Stewart explained.

“During the campaign, the ACDP utilised LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Display and a dedicated web page on the Amcor corporate website (Accelerate.amcor.com) to publicise and advertise the programme globally.”

By adopting digital media, Amcor aims to provide leaders with greater insights to its business, culture, values and the way it operates.

However, companies must be aware of the challenge of keeping up to speed with the pace of development in the social media space.

“There are new platforms that are emerging all the time and businesses need to find a way to keep their use of digital media current.”

Taking note of such challenges, and making use of the right platforms, Amcor’s ACDP garnered positive results on all the digital platforms used to promote the programme.

One of the ways in which Amcor measures its ROI is to track the increase in followers on its digital media platforms.

“LinkedIn had a 10% increase in the number of followers while Facebook had over 40,000 fans by the end of the ACDP campaign; on the ACDP web page, it garnered over 53,000 unique hits,” Stewart said.

This campaign successfully showcased the importance for Amcor to harness the power of digital media to connect with its stakeholders.

“With job opportunities being published on the Amcor digital media platforms, it attracts a group of candidates who are digital-media savvy, hence, increasing the efficiency of searching for candidates to fill vacant roles within the organisation.

“As more people globally and across Asia become increasingly connected, it can be expected that Amcor’s presence on the digital media platforms will continue to grow.”

In addition to its presence on digital platforms, the careers page on the Amcor corporate website also shows detailed content on the business and roles available for potential candidates to refer to.

“Digital media has delivered positive results for us at Amcor and has created a growing community of people who are connected to our organisation and are engaged with the happenings of the business,” Stewart concluded.

Key lessons learnt:

  • Be observant! Keep up-to-date with the latest platforms. Instead of only targeting today’s potential candidates, find out where tomorrow’s candidates are and what their favourite platforms are.
  • Make sure you use as many platforms as possible to ensure the most reach. (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Display).
  • Don’t forget your own corporate website. If your social media platform has the campaign, make sure more information can also be found on your website.
  • As always, collaboration is key. In this case, the marketing team is more likely to know the newest, most effective platforms.

This case study is one of the three best practice cases included in the Digital Recruitment feature – other organisations include GroupM, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and Cargill.

For a step-by-step guide to implementing your very own digital recruitment programme and to have a look at the other case studies, read the full feature here.

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