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Local foods have always been a part of Singapore’s culture and history. Tourists visit our shores for local favourites and the one thing we crave for when we come back from an overseas trip will always be that plate of chicken rice, hokkien mee, or simply the chilli sauce we love to have with our meals.

With National Day just around the corner, what better way to celebrate our diversity (especially within offices) than with local foods – the one language we all speak?

If you are planning to have a National Day Celebration at your workplace, check out some recommendations we have put together for your easy planning.

Have your local delights delivered via hawker delivery services

With the growth of food delivery services in Singapore, it’s now not difficult to have our hawker favourites delivered right to our offices’ doorsteps.

Whilst these options are great for smaller offices, it’s not always easy or ideal to order hawker foods prepared in per-plate-for-one portions for a big group of office workers. After all, hawker food is always best when shared; you wouldn’t want a plate of char kway teow alone when you also have a selection of other local goodies.

Explore catering services
Our next option would be to turn to caterers who are skilled in preparing and delivering food portions for corporates.

Orange Clove Catering always emerges top of the list when we search online for corporate caterers, driving home the fact that the firm is the perfect go-to when it comes to  corporate catering.

However, what about the company’s expertise on local dishes?

Being an esteemed local start up, there is no lack of local food options at Orange Clove Catering.

Orange Clove launched three extensive Singapore cuisine menus to celebrate SG50 last year with a huge selection of local favourites – a convergence of multi-cultural goodness that is, Peranakan, Teochew, Chinese, Malay and Indian dishes.

Not to mention, Orange Clove Catering is fully halal – so you don’t have to worry about sourcing for halal options amidst a full selection of hawker stalls all by yourself, and effortlessly include your Muslim colleagues.

Local cuisine offerings by Orange Clove Catering
Orange Clove has been known for its signature hainanese chicken rice (Rumour has it that our president Tony Tan is a fan of their chicken rice) which comes with ginger, chilli sauce and dark soya sauce. The rice can also be served in trio whole-grain mix on request, making it extra fragrant and most importantly, healthier.

Another healthier and popular choice is Orange Clove Catering’s signature curry chicken, which does not make use of any coconut milk yet still achieves a fine balance of spice and flavour.

Aside from main dishes, each menu offers different finger foods ranging from nonya kuehs to assorted satay; as well as desserts like chendol and tau suan.

Coming in the form of buffets, live stations and finger food, you can make your selection depending on your event needs.

Live cooking stations for a wholesome experience
Surely for consumers, being served a bowl of piping hot noodles on the spot trumps any form of food delivery. As such, the live cooking stations are definitely a highlight of the Singapore cuisine menus, offering freshly cooked dishes such as signature hainanese chicken rice, nonya fruit rojak, hokkien mee and more.

All this goodness comes at a really affordable price, too. The menus start from $30 per person for a minimum of 100 guests.

thematic set up orange clove

If budget allows, you might even want to consider turning your office into a nostalgic local food street with Orange Clove’s thematic set up services – like Google did last year to celebrate the nation’s 50th birthday.

If you are planning an event in lieu of the upcoming National Day for your company, why not consider Orange Clove Catering for a one-of-a-kind and different experience instead of your usual food delivery services?

The company is, in fact, currently running a National Day promotion. To avail this, simply quote “HROC16” when you place your order from the company’s Singapore cuisine menus before 31st August and receive two premium nonya kueh platters (worth $84) free!

Do note that for corporate orders as such, you will have to place your order seven working days in advance, by emailing [email protected] or via the company’s hotline at 6515 0991.

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