In what is said to be a major cost cutting move to “eliminate duplicate costs” Dentsu Aegis Network has consolidated the Asia Pacific and SEA functions for its finance, HR, legal, IT and communications departments.

An internal memo seen by Marketing, sent by Nick Waters, APAC CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network, stated that as a result Theo Lau, regional CFO for Asia, Ujjwal Sarao, regional talent management director for Asia, Thijs Plug regional director of marketing and communications, SEA, and Lavinia Rajaram, regional marketing and corporate communications manager at Dentsu Aegis Network will be leaving the business.

All four reported to Dick Van Motman, chairman and CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network SEA.

Dentsu Aegis Network declined to comment on the matter.

The memo also read:

“As you know Dentsu Aegis Network was created effective 1 January 2014. The strategic objectives for the merger were for accelerated revenue growth based on the combination of assets managed through the unique operating model. These objectives are widely viewed to have been achieved so far on a global basis, and here in the Asia Pacific region.”

It then goes on to read that “it is the responsibility of management to run the business as efficiently as possible and eliminate duplicate costs in order to invest in productive areas of the business.”

The memo also stated that going forward, Steven McNaught, regional APAC CFO, Kinch Ong, regional HR director APAC and Laura Greene-Wilkinson, regional APAC director for marketing & communications, will ensure that Van Motman and the SEA country teams remain fully supported in their functional areas.

Currently there is no change to the IT and Legal functional management.

Late last year, the network saw several new agencies such as Mangham Gaxiola, The JaymeSyfu Group , Band, come under its umbrella through investments and acquisitions. Early last year the network also put in place a new management structure in Singapore and across the region.

Rosalynn Tay, chief executive officer of Dentsu Singapore, took on the role of CEO for Dentsu Aegis Network Singapore, steering the operation across eight of its network brands. Audrey Kuah, previously CEO for Aegis Media Singapore, was made chief client officer for Dentsu Aegis Network Southeast Asia focusing on client development for non-Japanese clients.

James Hawkins added to his responsibilities at Dentsu Möbius by taking on the role of president of Dentsu’s Digital Capabilities in South and Southeast Asia.

This article first appeared on Marketing Interactive.

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