Asia Pacific – It’s all about innovation and optimisation at Employee Benefits Asia, the biggest and most respected conference for HR leaders and senior compensation & benefits specialists.

Organised by Human Resources, Employee Benefits Asia is set to spark ideas and lead the conversation about cutting edge compensation & benefits strategy with a fantastic line-up of regional heads of HR from some of Asia’s smartest companies.

Now in its fourth year, Employee Benefits Asia 2015 will focus on nine core topic areas.

These have been chosen after conducting exhaustive research into the HR community, and after identifying the most pressing issues for HR professionals in Asia and the world today.

The Employee Benefits Asia topics are listed as follows:

Compensation & benefits outlook for Asia – Key learning points on compensation & benefits trends and its impact on business: economic outlook, salary increments, compensation & benefits costs, workforce needs and more.

Salary & bonus trends and best practices – What has a higher impact on future performance: performance based one-time bonus or salary increments? What’s the best way to build and manage a compensation strategy?

Simplifying flexible compensation & benefits – Best practices for developing a single benefits package: What are the potential risks and how can companies overhaul their benefits systems? Can the working potential of employees be harnessed by providing more flexibility?

Mobility and global rewards – Optimising expatriate management programs: Benchmarking policies and practices. How to best implement a global framework in a local context?

Healthcare and well-being – Which wellness programs are being implemented in Asia? How can companies continually innovate wellness initiatives to ensure sustainable engagement and retention?

Non-cash rewards and recognition programmes – Gain a better understanding of the employee mindset: How does performance relate to cash and non-cash reward expectations?

Cost management and programme optimisation – Uncover the steps towards reviewing and optimising compensation & benefits initiatives: Where to re-invest, re-group or cut?

Employee value proposition – Engaging top management for more effective benefits communication and value recognition in employees.

Innovation in compensation & benefits – Data analytics for compensation & benefits: Data-driven decisions for a more successful HR strategy. What are the best practices in developing compensation-specific analytic tools and processes?

Employee Benefits Asia is a two day conference held in three cities: Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong in August and September.

Among the new features of the event this year are international perspectives from regional heads of HR from Asia’s most admired companies.

Employee Benefits Asia will provide Asia’s HR community with the latest tools to drive innovation, develop successful compensation & benefits programs, leverage cross cultural differences, and run high-performance rewards strategy.

If you do not want to be left behind, find out more about the event and how to reserve your seat by visiting For your inquiries, please contact Seraphine Neoh on +65 6423 0329 or email

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