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Learn the latest by attending Employee Benefits Asia 2015

Asia Pacific – Talent scarcity combined with an increasingly demanding workforce has forced organisations to implement flexible benefits programmes.

As they come to grips with flexi, what arrangements should be put in place to yield efficiency, desired results, and fulfilment of employee welfare?

Employee Benefits Asia, Asia’s most established and comprehensive employee benefits conference, is back to answer the big questions on the most critical trends in compensation and benefits, including wellness and flexible benefits.

“If HR managers are eager to get results for their business, companies should recognise that a flexible benefits system can make their employee value proposition unique and competitive in the marketplace for talent,” said Aditi Sharma Kalra, regional editor of Human Resources magazine.

“Distinguished industry leaders gracing Employee Benefits Asia will explain why a flexible benefits system is simply the integration of cost management and employee satisfaction.”

Now in its fourth year, Employee Benefits Asia 2015 will focus on nine core topic areas which exhaustive research into the HR community has found to be the most pressing issues for HR professionals in Asia today.

Here is how one of those topics, flexible benefits, will be addressed at the conference.

Sia Li Chiang, compensation and benefits manager of JTI, will give a presentation about how to determine and develop the right pay structure.

She will focus on harmonising the perspectives of employees and employers and when & how fixed and variable settings are effective.

Chloe Gan, associate director of Avarto Systems, will present a case study showing how talent retention can be successfully achieved through work-life balance and flexi-time arrangements.

“We definitely want the delegates to gain the tools to harness innovation, discover successful practices, leverage cross-cultural differences, and build a high-performance organisation,” said Nikita Erpini, regional producer at Human Resources magazine.

Annie Chow, senior director of total rewards at Avery Dennison, will lead a panel discussion about the importance of studying the talent’s demographics, needs, and goal in the development of flexible benefits systems.

She will detail the best practices on designing cost-efficient flexible benefits packages.

The event will examine the trends of flexible benefits and emphasise the best strategies on preparing the flexible benefits program that accommodates both business goals and employee needs.

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“We are expecting guest panelists from different industries to share their perspectives and challenges in flexible benefits implementation,” said Evon Yew, regional producer at Human Resources magazine.

In addition, the panel discussion on flexible benefits will zero in on how to simplify compensation by improving flexibility systems.

Thought leaders will address issues on why not many employers provide cash allowance benefits, the pros and cons of a single cash allowance, and the inhibitors to adopting flexible benefits in Asia.

Methods on designing a single pay benefit package and averting its potential risks will also be discussed. Another highlight is a case study that will provide a look into the shifting perception on work-life balance and running flexi-time engagements.

“Employee Benefits Asia is a rare opportunity for HR managers to learn about flexible benefits from their peers who have successfully implemented flexible benefits systems in their respective organisations,” said Sharissa Chan, regional producer at Human Resources magazine.

“Employee Benefits Asia 2015 is definitely the region’s finest and most credible ground for sharing best practices and invaluable experiences.”

Some of the other companies represented on the Employee Benefits Asia agenda are Honeywell, Nestle, Maxis, MasterCard, SAS, Fuji Xerox, and many more.

All presenters & panellists, such as Manivannan Moorthi Tachina, HR director of PhilipsLumileds, are director or vice president level HR professionals with regional responsibility.

To be held in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong in August and September, Employee Benefits Asia is Asia’s biggest conference on compensation & benefits strategy.

The two-day annual event is focused on global best practice rewards strategy, features an agenda dominated by case studies and leading global thought leadership, and attracts a large audience of regional HR leaders and senior compensation & benefits specialists as well as CEOs, CFOs and COOs closely involved in their companies’ HR strategy.

While the theme of Employee Benefits Asia 2015 is compensation and benefits trends, the topics the conference will focus on are: compensation & benefits outlook for Asia, salary & bonus trends and best practices, simplifying flexible compensation & benefits, mobility and global rewards, healthcare and well-being, non-cash rewards and recognition programmes, cost management and programme optimisation, employee value proposition, and innovation in compensation & benefits.

To get a global and Pan-Asian regional view of compensation & benefits and employee rewards strategy and to increase your knowledge and skills across the compensation & benefits spectrum, do not miss Employee Benefits Asia.

To review the topics & agenda, check out the stellar speaker list and reserve your seat visit For inquiries, please contact Seraphine Neoh on +65 6423 0329 or email

Non-Cash Rewards & Recognition, Flexible Benefits, Performance-Based Bonus,
Employee Health Benefits & Data Analytics
Learn the latest by attending Employee Benefits Asia 2015

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