Singapore – Leading enterprise healthcare provider Fullerton Healthcare, has confirmed its participation in Asia’s premier employee healthcare forum, Employee Healthcare Interactive. The development underscores Fullerton Healthcare support of healthcare excellence in Asia. Employee Healthcare interactive is organised by Human Resources, Asia’s only media & events brand.

Dr Elton Ong, managing director of Fullerton Healthcare, will be delivering a keynote presentation at the conference on re-examining strategies for the digital age such as big data and its implication on health insurance and driving value and quality from healthcare analytics.

“Throughout Asia, even in highly developed markets, the healthcare industry remains notoriously inefficient,” said Dr Ong. “By impacting the quality and affordability of corporate healthcare solutions, Fullerton Healthcare wants to redefine the healthcare industry”

Dr Ong added that significant investments in technology and people has been made by Fullerton Healthcare, as such superior business processes has been developed to make access to quality healthcare solutions easier, quicker and affordable. “In doing so, we strive to make Asian Healthcare better, together,” Dr Ong said.

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Employee Healthcare Interactive is an exclusive, invitation-only one-day event for 100 senior VP and director-level HR practitioners which will take place in Singapore on 3 December at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Employee Healthcare Interactive 2015 will address issues in corporate healthcare that are considered critical in the decision-making process of HR executives and compensation & benefits managers, such as the value of health and financial wellness.

A panel discussion will take place about the benefits companies can gain from investing in wellness programs as part of their business philosophy and human capital strategy. Speakers will explain how such initiative can motivate people to stop living from paycheck to paycheck and start saving and investing.  The impact of financial wellness programs on workplace engagement and employee retention will also be examined.

Open only to director and VP-level in-house HR professionals, Employee Healthcare Interactive will discuss corporate healthcare issues and trends affecting the HR sector, including policy developments, healthcare innovation, rising healthcare costs, data analytics and technology, retirement programs, and wellness strategies.

Human Resources magazine’s unique interactive format promises to make real conversations happen among Employee Healthcare Interactive delegates. They will also receive data-driven insights and expert recommendations during keynote sessions, case studies presentation, panel discussions and networking opportunities.

Senior HR professionals who do not want to be left behind can visit the event website for more information and updates or contact Jenilyn Rabino on Tel: +65 6423 0329 or

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