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Well known for being a great place to work, many people would willingly put themselves through Google’s seemingly endless hiring process to be able to work there.

But have you ever wondered what makes the tech giant such a great company to work in? And is there anything HR leaders can do to make their organisation as well-loved as Google?

If you have – fret no longer.

In re:Work, a new website launched by Google, organisations worldwide can now read about the firm’s HR practices.

“Since Google’s founding in 1998, we’ve experimented a lot with our culture and management practices. We started sharing what we’re learning – what works and what doesn’t – at our re:Work event and in Work Rules!, a book by our SVP of People Operations, Laszlo Bock,” wrote the Google re:Work team.

The re:Work website functions as a curated platform of tools, lessons, research and ideas from Google and its partners, to help organisations use data and science to make work better.

“We believe that work can be designed to actually make people happier, healthier, and more productive. This is possible when organisations put their employees first, trust them and treat them like owners, and use data to drive people decisions,” the team added.

“Research tells us that organisations are more successful when they invest in people practices like these.”

The website is neatly segmented into different subjects, from hiring to managers and even people analytics and is filled with useful guides for actionable tools such as creating a job description and identifying a great manager.

At the same time, the site contains a blog – so visitors to the website can hear from the business leaders and academics themselves, and case studies from companies like jetBlue, for an inside look at how these organisations are making work better.

Google’s SVP of People Operations, Laszlo Bock wrote in a blog post on the website, “After working in a variety of jobs and industries early in my career, I was frustrated by how leaders spoke of putting people first, and then treated them like replaceable gears. It just didn’t make sense to me. Why weren’t people treated better? Why was the gap between how we wanted to be treated, and how we were actually treated, so large?”

Wanting to influence the way companies treat people, Bock entered the field of HR and joined Google in 2006 as head of people operations.

“Since then, our team has been working to bring more data and science into improving how we make people decisions,” he added.

Bock wrote Work Rules! to tell the story of how Google thinks about its people which received tremendous response and support from the public.

“But many of them also told me that they wanted more – more of the nitty gritty, the details, the programmes and practices, so they could change their workplaces, too.

“The re:Work website is our response to the community of people who want to make work better around the world. And we don’t want to just talk about Google, because we don’t have all the answers,” Bock wrote.

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Are you using the best vendors and HR solutions providers in Asia?
Human Resources only recommends companies listed in the HR Vendors of the Year Awards

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