Human Resources Magazine talked to some of the biggest employers in Hong Kong on how they support employees, in light of the urgent government suspension of all primary schools and kindergartens.

HKBN Group
Starting 8 February until Chinese New Year Eve (15 February) HKBN Group is encouraging its talent to consider working from home.

“This measure will give Talents greater work arrangement flexibility to care for their children and families. To work from home, HKBN Talents need only obtain approval from their respective supervisors,” said HKBN head of talent engagement & corporate social investment and co-owner CY Chan.

Maintaining its implementation of the ‘Mobile Office’ arrangement, HKBN allows talents to work from home according to their needs.  The Group is also advising Talents who feel unwell to rest at home as a precautionary move to prevent further spread of the disease.

The technology giant is leveraging on its prowess in technology to helping working balance find the balance between career and family.

“We have a series of empowerment policies to help working parents, including flexible working options, enhanced family care leave, fully equipped mother’s room etc. All these are enabled by the culture of trust and our Cloud technology. With the recent decision by the Education Bureau to start the Chinese New Year holiday earlier for kindergartens and primary schools, our employees can continue to leverage the existing flexible working options to help them to manage the situation,” said Maria Hui HR director, Microsoft Hong Kong.

Microsoft provides all the equipment and Cloud infrastructure required and make it no difference for employees to work at home or in the office.  With the support from managers, employees can choose to work from home and to adjust their working hours to assist them.

Schneider Electric
The recent decision by the education bureau presents an opportunity for managers and employees to leverage the new global family leave policy which was launched on 1 January 2018 at Schneider Electric.

“The policy includes new care leave to support employees who need time off for immediate family members who are critically ill or need special care.  In addition to the existing flexible work hours policy, Schneider Electric Hong Kong has also implemented the new telecommuting arrangement on 1 January, 2018. It allows our employees to work from home to support family matters,” explained Eva Iu, human resources director, Schneider Electric Hong Kong



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