Having policies that take into account diverse workforce needs, such as those of Singapore’s National Servicemen, not only garners awards, but also ensures NSmen stay productive at both work and in the field, affirms Tan Ying, vice president of HR at CDL.

Singapore’s economic progress and prosperity is founded on national security. A strong defence and credible security force ensures a stable environment for businesses to grow and flourish.

It is the responsibility and interest of every citizen – both corporates and individuals alike, to safeguard Singapore’s present and future.

With a sizeable proportion of National Servicemen (NSmen) working for large corporations, it is all the more important for companies such as CDL to take the lead in pro-NS initiatives.

Besides economic defence, our employees who are NSmen can have peace of mind to focus on their NS duties during in-camp training (ICTs).  This builds psychological defence and helps ensure that the Singapore Armed Forces remains at a high state of readiness which enhances our military defence.

Through their training in ICT, our NSmen also hone important skills and qualities, such as organisational abilities, resilience, teamwork, tenacity and this in turn can be applied to their work environment.

CDL is cognizant of the importance of National Service and has since 1999 introduced NS-friendly policies that place the fulfilment of NS duties at high priority.

With the strong support and endorsement from our senior management team and heads of department at CDL, there was little resistance faced in the implementation of the NS-friendly policies. Employees were also quick to embrace the initiatives and were appreciative of them.

With the strong support from CDL’s senior management team and heads of department, there was little resistance in the implementation of NS-friendly policies.

HR policies for CDL’s National Service staff 

Some key NS-friendly policies at CDL include giving NSmen a full day leave on the day of their Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) so that they can have sufficient preparation and rest time.

In addition, under the IPPT Standard Scheme, CDL matches IPPT rewards dollar-for-dollar and accords our NSmen half to a day off (depending on the award level they achieve).

As a further encouragement, for those who have improved on their IPPT results or maintained a Gold Award and for those who are promoted during their NS stints, we provide supplementary monetary rewards and commendation letters.

A half day off is also granted to NSmen at the end of their low/high Key in-camp training to allow them to recuperate.

To ensure that CDL NSmen stay fit all year round, staff games and exercise programmes are also organised to promote an active lifestyle after work.

Taking care of those who take care of the nation

The various NS-friendly schemes at CDL allow our NSmen to benefit both physically and mentally.

The activities and initiatives encourage them to stay fit and perform well for their IPPT, while the support extended allows them to focus on their NS responsibilities during ICT with peace of mind.

For over a decade, our supportive manpower planning measures have allowed CDL to achieve zero deferment for ICT due to work reasons.

For over a decade, our supportive manpower planning measures have allowed CDL to achieve zero deferment for ICT due to work reasons.

For our sustained commitment towards NS, CDL has been accorded several awards over the years.

This includes being conferred the NS Advocate Award for Large Companies in 2015, which is the highest accolade given by the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) in recognition of CDL’s consistent support for Total Defence, and in particular, national servicemen.

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