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Talent Management

Talent Management, a component of Strategic Management, becomes increasingly important to ensure a continuous stream of talent being developed within an organization especially for key positions. In our solution, five main talent profiling dimensions (TPD) are identified in meeting specific talent management program.

Our solution bridges the enterprise strategies & employee execution whilst assisting in the setting up and establishing sustainable and customizable talent profiling programs that are in line with corporate strategy requirements.

Our solution comes with system HRIS Malaysia – human resource information system as an option for ease of use in managing and administering profiling data and plotting of charts and graphs.

Job Evaluation & Market Positioning

We undertake job analysis that leads toward job evaluation and subsequently into job grading as well as linking it to market positioning. Using job point matrix and survey data, job sizes and worth are determined based on job content and its complexity. This approach helps organization determines its compensation policy and in aligning its internal and external equity. In undertaking the evaluation factors relating the following dimensions are applied:-

In delivering market positioning analysis, organizations are able to assess their current remuneration percentile in relation to market reflect their capability of attracting and retaining talent. Also it enables organizations to determine at what level of the market they want to pitch vis-à-vis their affordability.

Scheme of Service Review

Our solution provides a comprehensive review of organization’s scheme of service in relation to the current market practice within the same or across industries. Covering private & public sector our solution delivers an updated scheme that reflects significant changes catering for the immediate future needs and impede obsolesces.

Performance Management System

Formulation of SOPPMOur solution on Performance Management System enables organizations to capture, determine, assess and evaluate the entire spectrum of appraisal management. Two distinct dimensions present in our solution are the inclusion of goal setting (key performance indicator) and competencies. Our solution which is weightage driven curbs any contaminant of manipulation of end results. Thus resulting in equitable decision and performance management practices.

Our solution in formulating the SOPPM caters for organization-wide requirements. The solution also covers the design and formulation of job description and job specification. Our delivery on SOPPM complies with the requirement of the ISOs and integrates with the necessary functional areas.

HR Survey Services

We provide HR Survey Services for organizations that require information for purposes of benchmarking, positioning, policy determination and strategic decision making. The following are our HR Survey Services for Remuneration Survey, Benefits Survey, Engagement Survey.

Balanced Scorecard & KPIs

Our solution is designed for ease of implementation and subsequent periodic monitoring activities. Being detailed and structured in our delivery enable organizations personnel to absorb and apply the knowledge with least of resistance. In delivering our solution, proven and acceptable tools are used in our workbench supported by the following approach: 

Foundation Establishment

  • Confirm Vision & Mission Statements
  • Methodology & Implementation Approach
  • Conduct Project Team Workshop
  • BSC Formulation Training Programs

Design & Development


  • Formulate Overall Strategic Aims
  • Establish BSC’s Perspectives
  • Identify Critical Success Factors
  • Develop Corporate Measures & Drivers
  • KPIs & Measures for Portfolios
  • Formulate Goals & Develop Action Plan
  • Identify Critical Success Factors
  • Develop Departmental Measures & Drivers

Consolidate & Documentation

  • Scorecards Consolidation
  • Fine Tuning & Alignment
  • Documentation & Presentation

Post Review & Monitoring

  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Periodic Reports & Review
  • Reinforcement & Realignment