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For ideas on how to elevate your company’s onboarding experience for new recruits, look to Accenture, Premiere Conferencing (Malaysia) and Mindvalley, who won gold, silver and bronze respectively at the Asia Recruitment Awards in Malaysia.

To be held annually after inauguration this year, all participant submissions were evaluated by a jury of practicing HR professionals from top companies in Asia.

With about 500 new hires annually across Malaysia and Singapore, Accenture’s onboarding experience encapsulates the three stages of recruit, pre-joiner and new joiner.

One of ways to excite pre-joiners (those who have accepted but not yet started working) is the Accenture Sky Journey app, which gets them to operate a futuristic airport using real Accenture offerings, with gameplay through 25 levels to create a high-performing business.

Similarly, the new joiner are familiarised with the company and their role in it, using a host of activities, such as virtual and classroom training, 2-week buddy programme, and Year One at Accenture, which starts their journey over their first year towards acclimatisation.

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