With more companies recognising the benefits a skilled remote worker brings, it is becoming increasingly important for hiring managers to be able to effectively interview a remote candidate.

Things like what interview questions to ask, what qualities to look out for and how to onboard these workers are always at the top of the mind.

Hubstaff has put together a helpful infographic, which includes the ten interview questions you should be asking your remote candidate.

These questions are:
1. What is your remote working experience?
2. What tools have you used to complete and manage remote projects?
3. What is your home office like?
4. How comfortable are you with discussing remote work-related concerns or conflicts?
5. How do you stay focused and on deadline when working remotely?
6. Have you ever had a tight deadline, and how did you manage it while working remotely?
7. What kind of hours do you work?
8. How do you troubleshoot problems on your own?
9. Are you comfortable with using time tracking software?
10. As a remote worker, do you keep up with industry news?

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Hubstaff also recommends that when interviewing a candidate for a remote position, recruiters should be on a look out for qualities such as self-motivation, troubleshooting, well organised, and super communication skills – since we wouldn’t want to be playing the broken telephone game while working.

After confirming the candidate for the position, onboarding is another big challenge.

For organisations to properly onboard their remote workers, bosses and HR have to ensure that regular meetings are scheduled, crew are cross-trained, there is a formalised training process in place, and the remote worker should be set up with the software and tools they need for their work.

View the full infographic for more details:


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