Eating with colleagues – even if only occasionally – has its benefits. Communal eating helps teams bond, helps them network, and gives a chance to discuss work issues in an informal setting.

In a new infographic, Adzuna has compiled a five-step HR guide to better office lunches. (But try not to scroll through this at your desk on your lunch break).  

The infographic contains handy nuggets of work-lunch wisdom, such as:

  1. The average keyboard harbours more bacteria than a toilet seat – all the more reason not to munch and email at the same time.
  2. Having up to 7 portions of fruit and vegetables daily will make you happier, more engaged and more creative.
  3. Avoiding vending machine snacks or treats brought in by colleagues can be difficult. Keep yourself feeling full by munching on wholemeal crackers or veggie sticks.

5 Step Guide to Better Office Lunches


Lead image: Shutterstock


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