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HR is a key enabler of our economic transformation. Find out more about the national HR professional certification framework, a key initiative under the HR Industry Manpower Plan (HRIMP).

Facilitated by Workforce Singapore (WSG), a tripartite taskforce comprising tripartite partners and HR industry leaders was formed to advise and oversee the development of the national HR professional certification framework.

The tripartite partners (Ministry of Manpower, National Trade Unions Congress and Singapore National Employers Federation) have come together to set up the Institute for HR Professionals (IHRP). As the tripartite professional body to drive adoption of this national HR certification, known as “IHRP Certification”, IHRP will be accepting applications for the certification assessment from July 2017.

Key features of the IHRP certification

The IHRP certification framework covers over 30 foundational and functional competencies, as well as the mindsets and behaviours that HR professionals need to effectively partner with CEOs to help drive the people strategy in their organisations.

There are three key features to the framework:

a) Components to be assessed [details in figure 1]: The certification will certify professionals according to the individual’s HR knowledge and competencies and HR work experience.

b) Certification levels: HR professionals will be certified according to three levels:

  • Certified HR Professional
  • Certified Senior HR Professional
  • Certified Master HR Professional

c) Assessment: Assessment for the certification is holistic and rigorous. As part of the screening process, candidates will need to exhibit professional competence and experience through submission of documents detailing their education, training, career experiences and accomplishments.

IHRP certification framework


Here’s what Tan Ai Sim, head of HR for ASEAN at Syngenta Asia Pacific, has to say. (Certified Senior HR Professional – Level 2):

With the ASEAN region being one of the world’s fastest growing markets, Tan Ai Sim (pictured below) believes that one key challenge in HR is the need to build strong local leadership competencies.

In line with this, she sees a custom-made talent management approach as key in aligning the leadership of the company with emerging market needs and the company’s long-term goal. “The preparation process towards achieving the certification refreshed my knowledge of the Singapore labour legislation which has changed significantly over the years,” she says.



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This article was first published in Human Resources Online Bulletin and is reproduced with permission. Original article can be found at http://www.humanresourcesonline.net

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