Is this the best job ever?

A Scottish firm is on the hunt for a chief chocolate taster who will be paid in monthly supplies of chocolate bars.

Mackie’s, an Aberdeenshire chocolate firm, is advertising for a year-long position for a chocolate taster ahead of the factory’s opening next year.

The only requirements for the job are discerning taste buds.

Applicants have to answer three questions  in the application form: “Describe your dream chocolate bar flavour”, “Your dream flavour” and “Why do you want to be Mackie’s chief chocolate taster”

“Applicants must have the ability to act like a kid in a sweetie shop and will be tasked with inventing a top new flavour combination that will be transformed into the ultimate chocolate bar when the new £600,000 factory opens in Aberdeenshire next year,” Mackie’s website stated.

The top four creative ideas will be chosen and put to the test by Mackie’s after which two finalists will will be short-listed and put head to head via public vote on social media.

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The only catch is that no monetary payments will be involved in the job.

The successful applicant will receive a salary paid in chocolate and might have to deal with weight issues in the near future.

The successful applicant will have a “steady supply of chocolate to taste, test, lick and suck on the couch at home,” according to company’s recruitment advertisement.

Besides free chocolate, the firm is also offering “a trip to their family farm for a chocolate immersion session with the resident experts along with a performance bonus if/when the candidate’s chocolate creation flies off the shelves.

Other responsibilities will include ensuring quality control, tasting other brands of chocolate and taking part in tasting panels.

“Applicants of all ages are welcome and no experience is needed for this once in a lifetime opportunity – just someone who is fruity and nutty about chocolate and spilling with interesting flavour combinations,” the website stated.

Closing date for applications is 12pm on Thursday, 3rd December.

How’s that for a sweet deal?

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