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Working in home or in remote places can have its fair share of disadvantages, but you can’t deny it saves time commuting to and from work.

In fact, employees who have remote workplace flexibility actually spend more time working than those who work at the office, says a report by Canadian commercial real estate firm Avison Young.

It highlighted that as much as 60% of the time saved by not commuting can be applied to productive work.

Its whitepaper “Why commute? A business case for boosting bottom lines and employee productivity”, suggested telecommuting also reduces employee downtime, because employees do not have to take a full day off from work when they are sick or attending to personal business.

Today, employees are as interested in balancing work-life priorities as they are in compensation.

A big component of work-life balance is commuting, and the less commuting employees have to endure, the better their morale, overall quality of life and cost of living, says the report.

It is clear that the majority of employees do not like to commute and prefer to work for a company that offers alternatives to long daily drives to and from work.

The report advised  corporations to conduct an employee drive-time analysis, a parking-demand analysis, and an employee survey to gauge attitudes toward strategies that encourage a mobile workforce using alternate means of commuting.

With less employees travelling to work, there is less traffic, better air quality and companies are able to save cost on parking space for colleagues.

By implementing enterprise-wide technology that supports a mobile work environment would allow employees to work remotely and avoid driving to the office every day.

Relocating to office space where employees can live, work and play in a compact, pedestrian-friendly community that has easy access to public transportation also helps reduce the amount of commute by staff.

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