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Get all the hottest happenings from Recruitment Interactive 2015, Hong Kong’s very first interactive recruitment conference produced by Human Resources.

Held in Hotel ICON, Hong Kong, the conference is focused on helping HR professionals, recruiters and talent acquisition specialists fight the talent war in what is arguably the most competitive environment in Asia.

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That brings Recruitment Interactive 2015 to a close. Thanks to everyone who spoke, attended and supported the event! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Conversing with Human Resources‘ Hong Kong editor Anthony Wong, experts from The Dairy Farm Group, Amoy Food and Bauhinia Coatings Group, Yip’s Chemical explain the importance of understanding cultural nuances when hiring.image-63

In the fourth interactive section, delegates shared their insights on candidate sourcing



The perfect hiring process according to experts from Societe Generale, Johnson Electric, PageUp and Hong Kong Express Airways.


Carl Kimball, from PageUp People tells us how technology and innovation helps recruitment. He though many companies are not yet ready for using mobile devices for recruitment.  “We put together a white-paper and  looked at how the  50 biggest firms use mobile for hiring and 70% do not have career sites  optimised for mobile.  If people can’t apply to your company on your site through their mobile, they wont even apply. There’s such a high percentage of people who do this.  Especially the  young kids, they expect it,” he said.


Delegates making their point at the third interactive session on the pros and cons of outsourcing HR functions.


Want to create an attractive and honest employer brand? Hear more from Franziska Huggenberger of BASF.  “Make your application process easy to understand and transparent for the candidates.  Even if you don’t choose them, they will recommend you to their friends because they have a god experience.  This is something you can do with zero budget,” she said.



Yip’s Chemical’s Joanna Lee shares how they cater to a candidate driven recruitment marketplace.  She is all in for hunting for a passive candidate.  “We need to think about the scarcity of talent.  For example, it is not easy to find compliance people.  HR are like sales people, we have to convince candidates that they job is suitable for them,” she said.



Experts from BASF, Atmel and Schneider Elec discuss about adopting the pipeline approach at Recruitment Interactive 2015.  Franziska Huggenberger head of regional recruitment,  Asia Pacific, BASF says veterans might not necessarily  the  best fit.  “We are getting some senior candidates with very high salaries, but they don’t fit our needs in terms of how strategic thinking is, they are more on the operative level. so this is very hard for us to get, as not many local companies can bring to the market.

Andre Young Dipo Presma, head of talent management, East Asia Global operations, Schneider Electric said Our company has a philosophy – loyalty is mutual. At the end of the day, they are not charitable organisation. Loyalty must be profitable, both for the employee and employer.”


Michelle Loong from Johnson Electric speaks about change being a competitive advantage in today’s talent war at Recruitment Interactive 2015.”In business the competition will bite you if you keep running, so we need to keep moving all the times. In talent acquisition we need to think out of the box because change is so constant,” she said.



Human Resources regional editor Aditi Sharma Kalra opens the conference to welcome all delegates.


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