Are your Compensation & Benefits packages still competitive?
Hear from HR Leaders and senior Comp & Ben Specialists at Employee Benefits Asia

How can innovations in healthcare programmes guarantee genuine health benefits, sustainable engagement and significant business returns all together?

Some organisations have already unlocked successful strategies while others are still learning the ropes.

In December, HR leaders some of the biggest companies in Asia will gather at Employee Healthcare Interactive 2015 (EHI) to bridge the gap and address issues surrounding healthcare innovation.

Employee Healthcare Interactive is an exclusive, invitation-only one-day event for 100 senior VP and director-level HR practitioners, to take place in Singapore on 3 December at the Four Seasons Hotel.

“Are novel principles and technologies in healthcare applicable to all types of organisations? Which innovation is consistent in bringing results and which can be eliminated from the options?” asked Aditi Sharma Kalra, regional editor of Human Resources magazine.

“At Employee Healthcare Interactive 2015, delegates will learn how to identify what makes stakeholders and employees happy and unhappy so they can plot the corporate healthcare strategy that justly works for them.”

Employee Healthcare Interactive 2015 will address issues in corporate healthcare that are considered critical in the decision-making process of HR executives and compensation & benefits managers, such as healthcare innovation.

Dushyant Ajwani, regional head of compensation & benefits at American Express, will lead a panel discussion on the impact of innovating healthcare programmes on employee engagement and overall business value.

He will share his experience in designing and implementing strategies for the compensation, benefits and health programmes of American Express for 2,000 employees across five markets.

He will also recall lessons from 11 years of experience in compensation & benefits, consulting and analytics.

Joining Ajwani in the panel discussion will be Sow Chat Gan, Asia Pacific benefits director at Honeywell.

With over 19 years of experience specialising in compensation & benefits, Gan holds key insights on delivering strategic plan design review, cost containment models, supplier management, data analytics business decision and corporate governance.

“Senior HR executives attending the conference will exchange practical information and best practices on a special format so they can get a clear picture of how healthcare innovation can provide them maximum benefits,” said Jenilyn Rabino, regional producer at Human Resources magazine.

Open only to director and VP-level in-house HR professionals, Employee Healthcare Interactive will discuss corporate healthcare issues and trends affecting the HR sector, including policy developments, healthcare innovation, rising healthcare costs, data analytics and technology, retirement programs, and wellness strategies.

Human Resources magazine’s unique interactive format promises to make real conversations happen among Employee Healthcare Interactive delegates.

They will also receive data-driven insights and expert recommendations during keynote sessions, case studies presentation, panel discussions, and networking breaks.

Senior HR professionals who do not want to be left behind can visit the event website for more information and updates or contact Jenilyn Rabino on +65 6423 0329 or

Are your Compensation & Benefits packages still competitive?
Hear from HR Leaders and senior Comp & Ben Specialists at Employee Benefits Asia

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