More companies in Singapore hiring on temp-to-perm basis: Hays report

More companies in Singapore are opting to trial employees on a temporary contract first, before offering them a permanent position, according to recruitment consulting firm Hays.

“We are seeing a growing trend from companies in Singapore to hire candidates on a temporary-to-permanent basis,” said Ms Christine Wright, Managing Director of Hays in Asia. “Employers have also come to recognise that they can benefit immensely from temporary support for both ongoing projects and maternity leave cover.”

However, it is not just companies opting for temporary hires on a trial basis. Candidates are also more willing to accept such assignments in order to trial a position before committing to the organisation long-term, Ms Wright said.

“Jobseekers are becoming more discerning and are interested in more than just salary when looking for their next role – they want to make sure an organisation is the right cultural fit for them, and offers genuine career progression opportunities,” she said.

She added that this is an indication of high candidate confidence, especially in Singapore’s tight talent market.


Although employers continue to place greater emphasis on hiring Singaporeans and permanent residents, there are still opportunities in Singapore for foreign workers, said Hays.

Life sciences, finance technology and engineering are three sectors which offer opportunities to those from abroad.

People who can win new business and ensure regulatory compliance are also among those in high demand, while architecture, office support and HR professionals are needed as well, Hays said.


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