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Though not as bad as the Philippines or Malaysia, online hiring for HR and admin roles in Singapore continues to remain sluggish.

According to the latest Monster Employment Index, online hiring for HR and admin roles has shown a  -9% year-on-year growth in July 2015.

While still on decline, it has seen a slight improvement over last month – which reported a year-on-year growth of -11%.

Despite its sluggish growth, Singapore’s HR and admin roles are registering the least decline when compared to the Philippines and Malaysia.

Among these three countries, online hiring for HR and admin roles are the hardest hit in the Philippines, registering a growth of -42%.

On the other hand, Malaysia stood at -27%.

“Despite needing experienced HR professionals to help businesses across this market manage ever-changing talent needs, the activity online for hiring such professionals hasn’t been particularly positive. Much like many other industries and occupations, employers are less confident about hiring due to various economic uncertainties,” said Sanjay Modi, Managing Director, (India, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong).

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“In Singapore, changing legislation around hiring means companies – both multinational organisations and smaller businesses – will be in need of experienced HR professionals to help them navigate these changes. In Malaysia and the Philippines, the overall online hiring decrease across multiple industries and occupational groups likely means there is less of an urgent need for HR professionals until conditions improve.”

Echoing the situation in HR and admin roles, Singapore’s overall e-recruitment activity has shown an -8% year-on-year growth between July 2014 and 2015.

While the education industry remains the country’s top growth industry (2%) this month, the government/ PSU/ defence industry registered the lowest growth of -19%.

Occupation wise, real estate (4%) was no longer the top growth occupation, and is replaced by occupations in purchase/ logistics/ supply chain which registered a 5% year-on-year growth.

This month, while hospitality & travel remain as the overall lowest growth occupation with a -15% year-on-year growth, HR and admin occupations no longer register as one of the lowest growth occupations.

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