Earlier this year, Leo Burnett Vietnam took a conscious decision when they moved into a new office space away from the traditional business district and into a more artsy lifestyle and residential area.

Feeling strongly that the environment influences thinking, Leo Burnett Vietnam wanted to provide employees with a new and exciting space to explore.

It believes the new district – with its creative boutiques, concept restaurants and integrated Vietnamese and foreign community – is the perfect place for the office.

Using an entirely new approach for a communications agency in Vietnam, they took over a space previously occupied by a supermarket and restaurant and turned it into a creative campus.

Leo Burnett Vietnam 1

Wanting to reflect the local culture and outside environment – in particular the Vietnamese rice fields – in the design of its new office, Leo Burnett Vietnam created a multi-zone, layered working space.

The office, with its different levels of working spaces reflects the way Vietnamese rice fields combine the creative harmony between the man-made and the natural world.

The new office boasts a host of cool, innovative spaces designed to promote relaxed thinking and a strong contemporary vibe including creative booths, creative caves, presentation terraces, brainstorm terrace, a pool and  bike area and a star bar.

The interior wall spaces are also filled with arty inspirations such as a digital immersion wall and a creative avant-garde pool table area – featuring an ultra modern mural theme with the God of Happiness and a larger than life 8 ball.

Leo Burnett Vietnam 2

Human Resources reached out to Ngan Nguyen, people and culture manager in Leo Burnett Vietnam for her take on how their new work space influences employee productivity and company culture.

“A creative environment encourages and promotes creative thinking. The right environment stimulates creative thinking and helps lift the mood and feel. It’s simple really. The happier the environment, the happier the staff feel. And the happier they feel, the better they work,” Nguyen said.

She added that one of the most important aspects of Leo Burnett’s culture is creating an environment that allows people and creativity to thrive.

“The result of a collaborative effort between the employees and the agency, the environment is designed to be an innovative and interactive workplace that allows people to mingle on an informal basis. This in turn encourages collaboration and enhance team spirit – a more cohesive team can achieve greater success together.”

Leo Burnett Vietnam 3

At the same time, the company also believes that innovation cannot just be about technology.

“It needs to be about the people – about understanding them. It definitely isn’t a case of throwing in a couple of beanbags and a touchscreen. It’s also about taking the learnings of the co-working evolution and translating them into the corporate environment.”

At the same time, Nguyen shared the two key areas HR leaders wanting to create an awesome office should consider.

Firstly, “focus on creating an inspiring and encouraging environment that is in line with the company’s core values and spirit, not one that is too strict and regimental.”

Secondly, don’t forget the details.

“Never underestimate the power of details like the correct temperature, noise reduction, good lighting. It is easy to overlook this in the process of decorating offices when aesthetic goals sometimes overtake practicality. It is key to pay attention to these details in order to make the best choices and create the most conducive environment,”Nguyen emphasised.

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