Passive recruiting has been highlighted as one of the key trends that will shape recruitment this year. But have you ever wondered what are the best ways to recruit such passive candidates?

According to Resource Solutions’ Asia Talent Insights 2015, 56.2% of candidates preferred to be approached by personal phone call. This was closely followed by email with 50.7% while referral from a friend came in third with 25.2%.

The report added the top three places candidates look when job hunting are job boards, networking events and recruitment agencies.

At the launch of the survey findings yesterday, Human Resources caught up with Simon Bradberry, Resource Solutions MD APAC, who shared exclusive tips on how firms can improve recruitment strategies.

He advised firstly that firms shouldn’t shy from investing in directly contacting candidates.

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“There seems to be a trend of passive talent. A vast majority of people – over 80%, are interested in looking at new jobs, which is quite a high statistic. But the way they like to be contacted is via phone call, and I don’t think that happens very much anymore. Having the resource available to invest in directly contacting candidates is really worthwhile in doing,” he said.

He added that it is also integral that firms provide a good candidate experience to young professionals.

According to the report,  77% of respondents expressed that bad recruitment experiences would impact their view of the organisation.

Additionally, half of those in Singapore and Hong Kong were likely to share their recruitment experiences along with 25% of those in Malaysia.

“The candidate experience in terms of recruitment is usually viewed in ‘will that candidate get that job or not?’ and ‘what’s the likelihood of them accepting the job?’ But the ramifications of a bad candidate experience are much broader than just that candidate not accepting the job,” Bradberry added.

“They are quite likely to tell their friends or colleagues about the experience and those people will listen to that. It can also impact the likelihood of them actually buying stuff from your organisation.

“So I would advise HR to focus on the candidate experience being a good experience regardless of whether they get the job or not.”

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