Rising Demand for English-Speaking Candidates in Multinational Corporations in China

Leaders in mid-senior level recruitment, ZW HR Consulting finds key functions such as sales and marketing, customer service and regional roles in China require proficiency in the English language.

China Salary Guide 2015 recently published by ZW HR Consulting, concludes that candidates possessing fluency in the English language are seeing exponential growth in pay and hiring demands for Multinational Corporations (MNCs).

China’s significant growth and development has been greatly influenced by Multinational Corporations (MNCs) searching for “the next best thing.” In an ever-shifting economy, strategists have begun focusing on these MNC expansions and how they affect the local Chinese talent pool, as well as whom these companies are specifically looking to hire.

ZW HR Consulting, an Asia-based headhunting company, has noted major culture gaps between Multinational Corporations and the local Chinese population as a primary source of concern for many MNCs now trying to find new ways to attract, develop and retain local Chinese talent.

According to Joyce Jing, ZW HR Consulting’s General Manager, key functions such as sales and marketing, customer service and regional roles all require proficiency in the English language. As she explains it, “We have recently noted that more MNCs based in China have begun to reduce the number of foreign staff, especially in management-type positions, shifting focus to the local market; in fact, our ZW China Salary Guide for 2015 indicated that local Chinese candidates who are fluent in English are going to be paid better and hired faster by these companies.”

Further, reports have indicated that experienced English-speaking talent are invaluable to MNC organizations in China. Experienced candidates boasting niche skills who are looking to change jobs are able to command salary increases of approximately 20 to 30-percent due to the limited talent pool. Competition for top talent is expected to continue with companies placing increased emphasis on employee retention strategies.

“Throughout the year, we have seen a high demand for business-savvy English-speaking professionals among the foreign multinationals,” adds Jing. “Skilled finance professionals fluent in English are currently in short supply and high demand; as a result, they are finding themselves in a strong negotiating position, with companies expecting to offer premiums of at least 20 to 30-percent for the right candidate in 2015.”

Multinational Corporations are looking for individuals who can understand local needs, effectively manage large teams and work side-by-side with staff based in global headquarters. Furthermore, a recent survey conducted by ZW HR unveiled that MNCs looking to hire mid-senior level management normally require fluency in all aspects of English– reading, writing and speaking.

With globalization representing an unavoidable truth, MNCs have begun to put even stricter English regulations on their office locations around the world. Some global companies are now adopting or mandating English as the global language for internal company communication, even among those whose share a common tongue other than English.

For the local Chinese candidate seeking job opportunities, trends and recent studies are pointing towards the adoption of the English language within internal communications throughout global business entities. Companies continue to hire qualified and ambitious candidates, especially those who have mastered the English language and understand the local culture.  These individuals will maintain significant advantage among their well-educated peers.

If you would like to learn more about the China Salary Guide 2015 or receive a copy of the salary guide, please visit www.zwhrconsulting.com or email marketing@zwhrconsulting.com  

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