Following reports that women professionals dislike working in tech-intensive industries, technology firms in Singapore have enhanced initiatives to hire more female workers.

In fact, according to the survey by Robert Half, Singapore has seen the third biggest gains for women in technology worldwide.

Polling 901 chief technology officers and chief information officers (CTOs/CIOs) across eight countries, the report found 49% of local companies have recruited more women into technology roles during the last five years.

Australia led the global list, with 65% of firms stating they have employed more women in technology roles, followed by the United Kingdom at 52%.

Hong Kong came in at 42%, while Japan was highlighted as the country where women technology professionals are struggling the most to make their presence felt.

While 31% of Japanese firms stated they have employed more female technology professionals, 32% of companies reported a decrease.

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“The rise of women in technology leadership roles represents an increase in the number of women choosing to make technology their career,” said Stella Tang, managing director of Robert Half Singapore.

“From our experience, Singapore companies are happy to employ the best person for the job regardless of gender, so the more female candidates there are, the greater the chance of women getting chosen for senior positions.”

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The biggest increase in female technology professionals in Singapore occurred in mid-sized companies with between 150 and 499 employees, according to the report.

More than six out of 10 (62%) of such companies stated they are increasing the number of women in technology roles.

The report also delved into the most useful techniques employed by companies to develop female technology leaders.

Almost four out of 10 (38%) of CIOs and CTOs in Singapore believed increasing the number of women enrolled in technology education courses would help the most.

Mentoring programmes was also chosen by 26% of respondents as an effective way to develop such leaders.

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