It’s no surprise staff want a safe workplace, considering injuries at a typical workplace can cause employees to take up to eight days off.

But how many employees would actually do anything to help make their offices more secure?

Not many, according to a recent survey by Antea Group.

The survey found two thirds of technology industry professionals value feeling personally safe and secure in the workplace.

Despite this, 52% of them reported that they would not feel obligated to intervene when they witness an unsafe act.

Additionally, 45% of them would not feel comfortable about pointing out potentially unsafe behaviour to both their colleagues and bosses.

However, 64% would appreciate being told that they were doing something potentially unsafe.

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Interestingly, 36% would not appreciate if they were told that they were doing something potentially unsafe/

Almost four out of 10 (38%) would actually feel offended about it.

The survey stressed these results point out that the effectiveness of company safety programmes are likely to be limited if staff are uncomfortable talking about safety and helping their colleagues be safe in the first place.

“These survey results highlight just how important environment, health and safety (EHS) is to the tech workforce and the gaps in creating truly effective programmes in this fast-changing industry,” said Peylina Chu, senior consultant and technology segment leader at Antea Group.

“By prioritising the health and safety of their employees, technology companies will not only safeguard their brand, but also retain their most important assets, their people.”

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