The business landscape today is alive with reports of employees quitting their jobs due to various reasons, such as lack of pay etc.

That is precisely why talent retention continuously appears as one of HR’s top concerns, along with issues such as talent attraction.

With this retention fear prevalent among industries today, researchers at TINYPulse thought it was time to get down to what really drives employee attrition.

The firm surveyed 400 full-time employees across the U.S. and uncovered the five key things that really egg them on to think about quitting

1. Supervisors make or break retention

The survey found that employees with managers that respect their work and ideas are 32% less likely to think about looking for a new job. Between that, transparency, and the ability to communicate expectations, managers play significant roles in an employee’s likelihood to stay with or leave their company.

2. Colleagues have a lot of power

Who you hire has a huge impact on retention. Employees with low levels of peer respect are 10% less likely to stay on board. Adding fuel to the fire: employees who don’t receive peer recognition are 11% less likely to stay put.

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3. Culture matters — a lot: Think culture is fluffy? Think again.

Employees that give their workplace culture low marks are 15% more likely to think about a new job than their counterparts. Thankfully, the report’s findings show that an effort toward sponsored company activities and team building can mitigate this trend.

4. Don’t forget rest and relaxation

It won’t come as a surprise that employees that feel burnt out think about quitting more often. But taking vacation days matters! Employees who are encouraged to take their paid time off are 13% more likely to stick around.

5. Your team wants to grow … or they’ll leave:

Employees are 10% more likely to stay with their organisation if there are professional growth opportunities to be had. And it’s not just young employees but all employees asking for this workplace feature.

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