Open plan offices can help increase productivity and teamwork, however, it also increases the chances of productivity being hampered by these exceedingly annoying colleagues.

Surveying over 1,400 working professionals, found that nearly 60% respondents blamed the behavior of coworkers for hampering their workplace productivity.

To make things worse, nearly 75% of them said that coworkers tend to interrupt them for over an hour over the course of the day, taking a big toll on their productivity.

The survey also shed light into the five types of annoying colleagues you meet at the workplace and they are:

  • Insensitive co-workers (60%)
  • Co-workers who tend to barge into others’ private space and interrupt them (40%)
  • Eternal cribbers, who tend to complain about everything (30%)
  • Social media pokers, who react, comment and poke coworkers on social media, (24%)
  • Chatterboxes – colleagues who talk a lot and loudly (22% )

In terms of gender, male colleagues were found to be more annoying as compared to their female counterparts this was according to 52% of respondents.

Their most annoying aspects? – poking coworkers on social media and being chatterboxes.

On the other hand, female workers were found to be annoying for invading into coworkers’ privacy and cribbing.

Interestingly, the survey revealed that 62% male workers say male colleagues annoy the most while 56% female workers state female colleagues annoy them most.

When it comes to seniority and experience, 42% of respondents thought that middle-level employees the most annoying set of coworkers.

Almost four in 10 (39%) said senior-level employees were most annoying while 19% said junior-level employees were most irksome.

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Some ways of avoiding these annoying colleagues as suggested by respondents is to

  • Keep conversations to the minimum (35%)
  • Avoid/ignore annoying coworkers (30%)
  • Be upfront and tell them that they are being annoying (25%)

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