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Six in ten local employers are having difficulties recruiting sales representatives – making it the hardest position to fill in the country.

According to Manpower Group’s annual talent shortage survey, 65% of Hong Kong employers are having difficulties filling job vacancies due to talent shortages in 2015.

Not only was the percentage a 9% increase compared to last year, it was also higher than global average of 38%.

More than 50% of Hong Kong employers from a wide spectrum of industries said talent shortages are having a high impact on their ability to meet client needs.

When asked why they are struggling to fill certain jobs, employers cited lack of available applicants (54%), higher-than-offered pay (17%) and lack of experience (15%).

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Lancy Chui, vice president of Manpower Group, Greater China Region said sales representatives has been the most difficult job to fill for, in fact, eight straight years so.

“The growth of financial products across Greater China has created strong demand for sales representatives in the financial field. Candidates with industry-related certificates and experience, such as risk and compliance is increasing.  However, there is a lack of candidates with strong communications skill,” she said.

The report highlighted the role of engineers was found to be the second most difficult job to fill on the list.

“The large number of construction projects have resulted in the demand outpacing the supply for specialist engineers, laborers and skilled trades,” said Chui.

Number three on the list was IT talent.

“Business agility requires technology to enhance efficiency and productivity. As such, the evolution of business requirement has relied significantly on IT outsourcing where employers require IT personnel to possess strong communications skills to work with internal department and IT vendors,” Chui explained.

These three hardest-to-fill jobs also maintained their positions as the jobs most in demand in the country this year, as per the list below:

The jobs most in demand in Hong Kong this year:

1. Sales representatives

2. Engineers

3. IT personnel

4. Sales managers

5. Accounting & finance staff

6. Cleaners & fomestic staff

7. Drivers

8. Skilled trades

9. Technicians

10. Labourers

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