As much as you would like, it’s not (always) possible to have minions as your employees. But it is possible to invite the yellow cuties to brighten up any workday.

That’s exactly what McDonald’s did in Singapore yesterday, where as part of an employee engagement programme, it brought “Minion Mania” into the office, in line with the launch of the new movie and the Happy Meal Minion Collectibles at its stores.

The event saw all employees dressed in the minion colours of yellow and blue, with entry to the main work area accessible only by a password (in Minion language, of course).

Employees also got a chance to meet-and-greet the main characters of the new Minion movie – Stuart, Kevin and Bob after the trio gatecrashed a team meeting with full song and dance.

At the event, Human Resources caught up with William Ting, Singapore training manager, who commented, “It’s always a good feeling when we start a campaign with the aim of engaging our employees and exciting the customers rather than just on a business basis.”

Having joined the company at the age of 14 as a part of the service crew, Ting says he was hooked by the training opportunities he was offered.

“The company provided training and equipped me with the lifelong skills to be a better person, and the opportunity for me to run a business.”

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Most importantly, he admitted he got an opportunity to give back.

“As you go up the corporate ladder, from a service crew to the office, you start to reflect about how much the company has given you and find the passion to give back and leave a legacy, even in tough times.”

“As our founder realised over the years, if we take care of our people, the people will take care of the customers,” he added, in light of the minions activation.

“While we are in the business of selling burgers, it is much more than that. It is to really engage with our employees and consumers and create a family feel around them.”

Here are some snaps from the event:

Images: Journalist’s own

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