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Move over, Tuesday. Monday is now the most productive day of the week.

That is, at least, according to a new survey which found 45% of respondents chose the first day of the working week as the most productive.

Thursday emerged as the least productive workday, while 19% stated they’re more productive on Wednesday.

Over 65% of all respondents also stated that they were most productive during the first two hours after reaching office.

“While there are individual variations as far as productivity is concerned, the point is that more hours don’t mean better work,” said COO Vivek Madhukar.

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“Everyone has ‘that time of the day’ when everything seems to fall in place and things just seem to flow. To capitalise on this productive period one needs to prioritise strategically. Workplace environment, ergonomic factors, zeal and passion for the job, all help to push up the duration of this productive period.”

Interestingly, the survey found the most productive times of the week differed slightly for male and female employees.

88% of male and 37% female respondents said they were most productive in the first two hours of office.

However, 32% of the female respondents also found the two-hour period before lunch as most productive.

Similar trends were observed when it came to the least productive times in the office.

While 70% of male respondents said the two hours after lunch were the least productive period, nearly 50% female respondents said they were least productive in the last two hours of office.

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