The government and public service sector has emerged as a favourite among Singaporeans today.

The industry was ranked first in CareerBuilder Singapore’s Employers of Choice 2015 Survey.

Polling 3,134 respondents in total, the report found 6.6% percentage of Singaporeans stated they would prefer working the government and public service industry.

The airline/travel industry followed at 5.3%, while the banking & financial services industry took third place (4.5%).

The human resources sector came in 7th with 3.7% of the votes.

“Now that Millennials are starting to enter the job market, one would think that conventionally well-paying desk-bound jobs would take a dip in popularity, but the survey tells us otherwise,” said Jessica Ang, marketing director, CareerBuilder Singapore.

“With traditionally stable industries such as the government sector and financial services leading the pack, it goes to show that job security is still an important consideration when it comes to choosing a career.”

Google was once again the employer of choice in the private sector, followed by Singapore Airlines and the Changi Airport Group.

In the public sector however, The Monetary Authority of Singapore led the list, while The Singapore Tourism Board and the Health Promotion Board came in second and third respectively.

“One of the reasons I think people want to work for the government is because it is very progressive. When we have meetings with the government, it’s like meeting with a high tech company such as one in Silicon Valley,” Will Emmons, president of CareerBuilder APAC told Human Resources.

“One of the things that Singapore has done very well is that the government has been upfront with everybody so I think they have got a tremendous employer brand here which is very unique to governments across the world. You seldom see that in other government organisations even in the US. So I think that’s very different,” Emmons added.

2015’s top jobs for Millennials
Income still the top priority for job seekers

Other survey findings include that cash is still king when considering a new job with 87.7% of respondents favouring a fat remuneration package followed by career growth opportunities (86.7%) and a comfortable environment (82.7%).

Also, should you want to attract job seekers, forget the print ads and post your job ad on online job portals. The survey showed that the three most common channel job seekers use when job hunting are online job portals (64.5%), job search engine (54.1%) and online search engines (39.8%).

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