Many people believe in the phrase “if you snooze, you lose”and have used it as a mantra to aid them in many aspects of their lives.

However the truth is, if you don’t snooze, you lose – at least in the corporate world.

A survey by Accountemps found that nearly three quarters of employees have worked while tired, with 31% revealed that they do so very often.

As a result of their lack of sleep, these employees have admitted that often lack focus and are easily distracted (52%), procrastinate more (47%), were grumpy (38%) and made more mistakes (29%).

Here are the mistakes they have admitted to (or heard of others) making due to being tired on the job:

  • Made a $20,000 mistake on a purchase order
  • Deleted a project that took 1,000 hours to put together
  • Accidentally reformatted a server
  • Fell asleep in front of the boss during a presentation
  • Missed a decimal point on an estimated payment and the client overpaid by $1 million
  • Accidentally paid everyone twice
  • Talked about a client thinking the phone was on mute when it wasn’t
  • Ordered 500 more computers than were needed

Check out the infographic for more findings from the Accountemps survey:

working tired infographic

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For those professionals who DO get some sleep, it seems they unfortunately can’t seem to escape work even while dreaming.

According to a survey by CareerBuilder among 3,252 employees, 44% of staff revealed that thinking about work keeps them up at night.

6 in 10 reported that they have dreamed about work and about 13% said that it always or often happens.

Of the dreams they have, 14% have dreamed about hooking up with a co-worker, 10% about telling off the boss or getting into a fight with a colleague while 9% have dreamed about showing up to work in pajamas or with little or no clothing on.

“Rest is an undervalued necessity these days,” says Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer at CareerBuilder.

“We see more and more workers check into the office at all hours of the day, give up vacation time and work even when they’re sick. Yet it’s not necessarily making us more productive, and companies are starting to recognize that.

“We’re starting to see companies put more emphasis on employee wellness and work/life balance – whether it’s providing designated ‘nap rooms’ for employees, encouraging them to take advantage of their vacation time or simply giving them more flexibility in their work schedules.”

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