Holding events is a common way for companies to celebrate with staff or network with external shareholders.

At some point or other, the responsibility of planning is going to dawn on the human resource department. Be it you are doing it in-house or engaging a third-party, it is not going to be an easy task.

Having heard the pains of corporate clients from different industries, Orange Clove Catering speaks out for them by highlighting some of them here, with possible solutions.

1. When the clock is ticking

No one can comprehend the panic brewing inside you when you are weeks away from your event and your RSVPs can be counted with your hands. Or, when there is a sudden spike in numbers after everything has been confirmed and you have to worry if there is enough space.

The paperwork and protocols drive you crazy. Sometimes, you just need answers and solutions. Immediately.

TIP: Make sure you get a caterer that processes orders within a reasonably short lead time and is able to accommodate changes in the number of guests. You will also want to look for a salesperson who understands your needs and is contactable in times of “crisis”.

2. When you have to “optimise” the budget

Your biggest headache comes when you are asked to “make do” with a meagre sum of money. You have also realised that there are 101 criteria to meet for your venue.

It is not just about availability and accessibility. Sometimes, you wonder whether that perfect venue exists at all and if it does, whether you can afford it.

TIP: It may sound too good to be true, but there are caterers that offer customisation of menus to meet requirements despite budget constraints. Established ones even have a host of venue partners and recommendations. Always ask – you may find just what you are looking for!

No one can comprehend the panic brewing inside you when you are weeks away from your event and your RSVPs can be counted with your hands.

3. When you are thrown off by the unforeseen

Murphy’s Law strikes again – anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Just when you thought you have taken care of every little detail, something new cropped up on the event day itself.

How are you going to deal with it when you have so many VIPs and VVIPs to host? What are the chances and why must the forces of the universe do this to you?

TIP: Request for your vendors to conduct a site recce before the event. Experienced vendors will know the areas to look into to be able to provide sound advice during the most untimely events.

4. When your boss wants that something extra

“It’s just lacking a little… You know?” That sentence makes you sick. You have no idea what that is, and your boss probably does not as well. You definitely do not want to “wow” him the wrong way.

The worst are the technical glitches where the microphones let out cringing shrieks and the video comes out as a black screen. You try your luck with the wires and buttons but nothing works. You feel like shriveling up under everyone’s gaze, and your boss’ intense glare.

TIP: You do not want someone to do as they are told. Instead, you should be looking for a vendor to propose and execute ideas and concepts.

The smart move is to find a vendor who can provide you with all-round solutions. With a bird’s eye view, the vendor has a better understanding of your event and is able to align all aspects. They will also conduct the necessary equipment tests for you.

You do not want someone to do as they are told. Instead, you should be looking for a vendor to propose and execute ideas and concepts.

5. When the highly-anticipated food is a disaster

First impressions matter and sometimes people judge the book by its cover. Your hard work is immediately marked down when your guests see non-appetising food, messy cutlery or a mismatched buffet setup.

The ultimate disappointment and embarrassment however, comes when you bite into cold, bland food. Let us not even get started on the lashing you get from your bosses back in the office.

TIP: There are a lot of aesthetics to play with in your buffet line – from the centerpiece to props and table skirting. Even the cutlery arrangement makes a difference!

Understand from your caterer what practices have been put in place to ensure food quality before you take the plunge.

About Orange Clove Catering

With a number of R&D innovations, and the freshest ingredients, award-winning corporate caterer, Orange Clove introduces nothing but the finest recipes.

Its ‘One Chef, One Dish’ policy crafts out culinary experts for individual dishes and ensures consistency. Beyond the likes of buffets, cocktail and drop-off menus, clients can opt for live stations and sit-down options.

Orange Clove welcomes menu and set-up customisation – any theme is possible! Notably, Orange Clove’s ‘Complete EventSolutions’ promises a full immersion with anything from backdrop fabrication and stage effects to entertainment segments.

Through the provision of a site manager and service crew, clients do not have to worry about insufficient manpower or resources and any spillage at the event.

Each sales executive is also well-trained in a specific corporate sector to provide the best service and counsel.

All of these work together to live up to Orange Clove’s tagline, “We Make You A Hero”, which aims to deliver clients a red carpet experience.

This content has been brought to you by Orange Clove Catering.

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