Credit Suisse’s campus recruitment team has appointed Aldrina Thirunagaran as assistant VP, virtual recruiter Asia Pacific. In her current role, she will be responsible to execute the virtual recruitment strategy aimed at increasing applications for internship and graduate opportunities for the company in the region.

Based in Singapore, Thirunagaran will report to Nikki Davies, director, head of campus recruitment Asia Pacific and Business Delivery Centres. This newly-created role allows this financial services company to expand its school and location footprint, as well as its candidate pool, and will focus on the use of digital platforms and partnerships to attract candidates.

In this exclusive with Human Resources, Thirunagaran shares her experience on stepping into HR.

1. Why the shift to HR? How has your experience been so far?

The role at Credit Suisse greatly appealed to me because it entails leveraging digital innovation, be it apps, platforms or social media, to engage with graduates globally. The bank is fully committed to digital adoption and transformation, and I am excited to be part of a team that is working towards carving an even larger digital footprint with respect to recruitment across Asia Pacific.

Most recently, we launched CodeIT Suisse in our offices in Singapore and Hong Kong. CodeIT Suisse is a global initiative that provides the bank with a source of interns for Technology Analyst roles. The event involved our teams interacting with potential recruits via video conferencing and Facebook Live, and is an example of the innovative way we leverage technology for recruitment.

2. For someone moving into with tons of experience in other functions, such as in your case, would you recommend recruitment as the place to start?

Yes, most definitely! The HR landscape is certainly changing and it is currently a fluid and data-driven space. Technological innovations are exploding and it is exciting to be at this confluence of technology and human resources.

Plus, a role in HR is client-facing as it offers the opportunity to engage with internal and external stakeholders, as well as develop digital and creative yet viable solutions to reach a wider candidate pool. In campus recruitment especially, the upside of leveraging technology means that Credit Suisse can widen its net to attract talent from schools we might not traditionally be able to recruit from.

3. Which cross-functional skills are you able to leverage in your new role, that you carry over from your previous assignments?

As the virtual recruitment lead for the bank in Asia Pacific, I’m thrilled to apply my experience in content marketing and engagement as well as production, to reach and inspire global candidates about a possible career with Credit Suisse. Credit Suisse is a global, world-class organisation with a fantastic culture and team. What I enjoy most about my job is that I am able to share the inspiring career journey of my colleagues within the organisation, with a global audience of potential recruits via our digital channels.

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