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With effect from February 2016, Cilia Rasasegram, has been appointed as iCar Asia’s general manager of people and culture.

In this role, she will be based in Kuala Lumpur and will manage iCar Asia’s people and culture strategies including organisational development, employee relations and internal communications.

With an outstanding record of achievement as one of the country’s leading HR leaders with more than 17 years of experience under her belt, Rasasegram was most recently as the head of people and culture for Tune Protect where she grew the company from 11 employees to 500 in just over 4 years.

Damon Rielly, Group CEO of iCar Asia Limited said: “I’m very excited to have Cilia join as general manager for people and culture, she is widely recognised as an exceptional talent and leader, her expertise and experience is an enormous gain for our business”.

Commenting on he appointment,  Rasasegram said: “I’m very excited to join the team at iCar Asia. It’s a young company that has quickly established itself as the largest and most trusted digital automotive market-place across the ASEAN region, I’m looking forward to driving the people and culture strategy and growing the business capability to even higher levels”.

In an exclusive interview with Human Resources , Rasasegram revealed: “I’m very grateful to have joined a young company that is open and transparent, driven and energising, as well as welcoming of change and naturally fluid.

“All HR people out there will recognise that these traits in an organisations culture enables and accelerates any people initiatives and strategies. What might take some organisations months to accomplish, would take us less than half the time.”

As the general manager of the people and culture team at iCar Asia, she aims to lead the team to exceed employees expectations on quality and speed.

“Currently, we’re focusing on how we can harness and consolidate the fantastic energy and passion that our employees have across Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, with a strong internal communications strategy covering formal and informal lines as well as building peer to peer support and strengthening our relationship with each other,” she said.

“Additionally, being from the digital marketplace industry, we believe very strongly in growing ASEAN talent in this space and we are working on partnerships across the region to give young talent a chance to showcase their skills in this fast growing industry.

“Many HR partners have not recognised the digital industry as a standalone, which is a shame, so it’s up to us, as key players in the industry, to ensure that the talent is sustainable and continually increasing in quality,” she added.

She further reveals that another key project the team is excited about is revamping and standardising the employee on boarding programme with a focus on engaging talent – from the time they read about the company, to welcoming them on board, till they reach their own performance goals.

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