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Want to get some freedom by sending your bosses away for two weeks? All you need to do is wave your hands. Yes, wave.

This funny idea comes from a new mobile initiative between Häagen-Dazs and Secret Tour Hong Kong, which is designed to tout its new ice-cream product, the Crispy Sandwich.

Dubbed Goodbye Boss, the campaign leads with a mobile activation where users are asked to wave their smartphones as long as possible to vie for HK$50,000 worth of flight packages for a trip to France for their bosses.

The mobile app can be triggered on the campaign-dedicated website, running from today to 11 October.

It seems like a good way to please the boss. But employees are also the beneficiaries.

Eighteen contestants who wave the longest are entitled to travel incentives from travel vouchers (worth HK$20,000 in total) to French dining coupons, French wines to Häagen-Dazs’ Crispy Sandwiches.

However, there will only be one lucky boss who wins a trip to France.

The campaign is being promoted mainly in the pop magazine 100 Most via two viral videos, starring 100 Most founder Roy Tsui and entrepreneur Shih Wing-ching.