It’s natural to assume that the more dangerous a job, the more pay it offers.

Unfortunately, a new infographic from Devin Jollimore, training coordinator at Mission Safety Services found that compensation levels of dangerous jobs are often far lower than the level of risk these workers expose themselves to on a daily basis.

“My role is to educate people on the best safety procedures and the large amount of deaths in the world’s most dangerous jobs has always troubled me,” said Jollimore

“The next time you’re bored at your desk, remember how lucky you are to work in a job where you are safe. There are people who work in jobs that risk their lives every day for a very poor salary.”

Here’s a list of the 10 most dangerous jobs in the world and what they pay:

10) Construction workers
Pay: USD$34,500
Deaths per 100x workers: 17.4

9) Agricultural Workers
Pay: USD$73,700
Deaths per 100x workers: 21.3

8) Truck drivers
Pay: USD$37,930 for heavy truck drivers and USD$29,080 for light truck drivers
Deaths per 100x workers: 22.1

7) Power workers
Pay: USD$62,300
Deaths per 100x workers: 23

6) Refuse collectors
Pay: USD$34,220
Deaths per 100x workers: 27.1

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5) Mining machine operators
Pay: USD$37,230 to USD$89,440
Deaths per 100x workers: 37

4) Roofers
Pay: USD$34,220
Deaths per 100x workers: 40.5

3) Aircraft pilots and flight engineers
Pay: USD$118,070 for airline pilots and USD$76,050 for commercial pilots
Deaths per 100x workers: 53.4

2) Fishers and related fishing workers
Pay: USD$25,590
Deaths per 100x workers: 117

1) Logging workers
Pay: USD$32,870
Deaths per 100x workers: 127.8

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Guess your HR job doesn’t look that bad now, with its high pay and high level of safety.

For more information on how to minimise the risk of these jobs, see the full infographic here:

The 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World & What They Pay - An infographic


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