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As Lunar New Year – or more accurately, the 4714th Chinese year approaches – we thought it might be interesting to peer into the crystal ball and check out what the upcoming year holds for each Chinese zodiac sign.

Lasting from February 08, 2016 to January 27, 2017, 2016 is set to be the Year of the Monkey.

Here’s all the ‘monkey’ business (yes, pun intended) your sign will be up to this year:


This year, don’t fret if you encounter trouble in your career – people around you will be happy to help you.  Similarly, if you are looking for a promotion, you will receive the support from the coworkers.

For those professionals looking for a job, it might do you good to learn a new skill or pursue further education. Luckily for you, a savior will appear to guide you to find the right job opportunity.


For those born under the sign of the Ox, it’s time to put worries and concerns aside and embrace any career challenges coming your way. People around you need your knowledge and help to build their business opportunities. In return, they will provide a good working environment for you to showcase your talent.

If you do wish to change your job this year, go for it. Your new position should lead you to better career development.


Get ready to face challenges and encounter a bit of trouble in your career. To overcome professional hurdles, you might be required to use your experience, knowledge and wisdom. But don’t hesitate to ask and learn from others if you feel you don’t have the solutions at hand.

It’s also not a good time to go for a job switch this year. If you do, you might encounter many unexpected problems in your new position.


You seem to be much in demand this year: people will find you and offer you lucrative career opportunities or invite you to form a business relationship with them. You will also have very positive and cooperative experiences with a new boss or partner.

If a company offers you a new position, then it is a good time to take it. Don’t miss this career opportunity.


People born under this sign are known for their good management skills. They know how to assign tasks to the right people and can instruct them well on sharing authority and responsibility.

However, if you yourself encounter a heavy workload this year, you should ask help from your partners or coworkers to fulfill the career plan.


Good news for those born in this year – you will encounter little trouble in your professional lives in 2016.

Saying that however, you do need to remember to work a little bit harder. It will be worth after all, because you will get quite satisfying returns.

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Your workload and responsibility is expected to increase in the office this year. That’s a good sign in terms of your career development. Your income is also likely to grow as a result of this.

Overall, your luck this year in the professional realm appears good. You might get promoted this year, and a different company could also offer you a higher position.


Don’t be too conservative in your career development. It’s a right time to encourage yourself to show your knowledge, experience and wisdom to people. Your talent and experience will win people’s respect and earn you a good reputation.

A career opportunity is also headed your way coming – something which you should accept.


Your career might keep you busy this year, but there appears to be no change in your career status. Promotions aren’t likely, and if you are looking for a job, then you might need more time to get one. This is mainly because you have many competitors out there.

If you do get on a new position, then your working status and development won’t change too much. If you work for a new company, then you will encounter increased competition


The career industry is changing, and hence you need to spend more time and energy on your job. You will feel some pressures from the project schedule. But you still can work happily as long as you follow all the instructions of your boss carefully.

If you have a job offer from a different company, then you should think twice before accepting the position. The new working environment might have many different opinions in the future business direction. If you don’t like such challenges, then it’s not a good time to move.


Your career is set to be quite stable this year. You will find a good smart, creative partner to assist your career. If you have very tight project schedule, you should assign some tasks to the younger team members to share some workloads.

Changing your working environment to show people your talent is a good approach for current career development.


You will realise your job is much easier than before. You will receive the training, education and assistances from others. You have better knowledge to handle your position. But you still need to stay alert. Any negligence on your duty will ruin your reputation and career development.

If you have a job opportunity at a different company, then you better think twice before accepting the offer.

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